ITHS Small Pilot Project Grants

ITHS Small Pilot Project Grants

Pre-Application Request

Pre-Applications due August 1, 2012


**NOTE:  Special Pilot funding ($20,000) for Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Projects **

The Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS, is pleased to announce the availability of small pilot grants. Grants are designed to assist faculty members (or those with equivalent titles) in obtaining preliminary findings, testing “proof of concept,” or conducting other research activities designed to prepare and support competitive, full-scale grant applications. Investigators in the Puget Sound and WWAMI regions are eligible to apply. Individuals who have been funded as Principal Investigator (PI) on one of these grants within the past two years are not eligible to submit a new application as PI.

Small Pilot Project Grants

**Direct costs of $10,000 may be requested, plus access to selected ITHS core services and resources**

Projects are one year in length. For the Small Pilot Project Grants, a Pre-Application is required. The review of very short Pre-Applications is designed to narrow the field for further, in-depth review of short Invited Applications that allow for a more substantial project description. Each full application will be critiqued and scored. PRE-APPLICATIONS FOR SMALL PILOTS ARE DUE August 1, 2012

Examples of the projects include:

  • Development of a serum-based test to diagnose colon cancer in patients with ulcerative colitis.
  • Novel bioinformatics systems for analyzing proteomic data
  • Testing community-based translation- and dissemination models for efficacious obesity-prevention programs.
  • Identification of barriers to, and facilitators of the conduct of clinical/translational research, ranging from aspects of the research process itself to factors that influence individuals’ willingness to participate in clinical trials.


**Note** Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s have agreed to consider requests for indirect cost waivers for ITHS pilot awards from their faculty. Details will be on the full application.

Special Pilot Funding ($20,000) for

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Projects


These pilot grants are designed to assist eligible investigators in obtaining preliminary data that will be useful for developing competitive grant applications to extramural funding agencies.  Although requests for funding of projects that encompass any aspect of basic, translational, or clinical research in anesthesia and pain medicine will be reviewed, special emphasis will be placed on areas of focus identified as core research efforts in the department.

Eligible faculty (titles of Assistant, Associate, or full Professor; Research Assistant, Associate, or full Professor) in the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine may serve as principal investigator (PI). Individuals who have received these grants within the past two years are not eligible to submit as PI. Eligible faculty in other departments of the University of Washington may also serve as PI, but in this case a co-investigator who is a faculty in the Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine must be included in the project.  Co-Investigators and/or collaborators may be from other Departments of the University of Washington, or may be from other recognized academic institutions.  Collaborative efforts among faculty of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI)-associated academic institutions are particularly encouraged

Award(s) will be made in the amount of $20,000 for Direct Costs. Applications with budget requests in excess of $20,000 will not be considered. All costs associated with the research project must be included within the requested budget, i.e., no indirect costs will be provided.  The period of award will be for one (1) year, with a 12 month no cost extension possible.  A final report will be required at the end of the funding period.

Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Projects will require a Pre-Application due August 1, 2012

Apply for funds PLUS ITHS core services (or core services alone)

In addition to (or in place of) requesting $10,000 for a small pilot, or in addition to requesting $20,000 for an anesthesiology/pain pilot you may request additional funding in the form of one or more of the specific ITHS services. Please see core services available at:


Questions about the process?  Contact Kathy Long at

Questions about eligibility?  See  Contact Kathy Long at with questions.

Questions about specific core services?  Contact those identified in the list at the end of the full application

Questions about Anesthesiology/Pain Pilots? Contact Christine Backman

Definition of translational research:

List of ITHS funded pilot projects:





Pre-Application Due                         8/1/12                                     

Invitation to Submit Full app.          8/17/12                                   

Full Application Due                         9/14/12                                   

Funding (approx. dates)                   11/30/12