Exhibits are now Open! New Army Medical Conference March 23-25, 2015

Medical Research, Development and Acquisition in Support of the Warfighter

Conference & Exhibition | March 23-25, 2015 | College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Hyattsville, MD

The USAMRMC, The Army’s medical materiel developer with responsibility for full life cycle medical research, development and acquisition, (RDA) shares an interest in
advancing the identification and RDA of medical materiel, including drugs, vaccines, medical countermeasures, medical devices, etc., through the professional exchange of
information between government and industry.

The mission of this conference is to provide a forum for the Medical Industry and Government to have an active dialogue for identifying the technologies that will be able
to meet the future needs of the Warfighter beginning at Point-of-Injury through Long Term Care.
Including but not limited to:
* Battlefield Medicine
* Behavioral Health
* Medical Devices & Innovation
* Military Rehabilitation
* Preventive Medicine & Vaccines

Exhibits are now open!  To buy a booth go to www.ndia.org/exhibits/5310


To view the current Medical RDA in Support of the Warfighter Conference Agenda, or Register to Attend, please click on this link www.ndia.org/meetings/5310

This event is an opportunity for science and industry representatives to learn more about the US Army Medical Research and, Materiel Command’s (USAMRMC’s) missions, programs and gap areas
and to better understand the process within which USAMRMC operates.

USAMRMC provides world-class medical knowledge, countermeasures, and technologies to protect and sustain our service men and women throughout their military careers.
We see this event as a unique opportunity to learn more about USAMRMC and help build a comprehensive and collaborative network.

The conference will begin with an overview of USAMRMC and its laboratories, its science and technology (S&T) and advanced development perspectives, followed by a panel discussion providing
a more in-depth view of each of the Command’s program areas and a question and answer session.  A large segment of the conference will be devoted to breakout sessions for the key program

areas, again including an opportunity for questions and answers.  There will also be presentations on such topics as logistical considerations and how to do business with USAMRMC.

In order to assess USAMRMC’s interest in environmental monitoring for disease agents or in vitro diagnostic medical devices, an excellent place to learn more about USAMRMC’s programs and
missions is at https://mrmc.amedd.army.mil/.

As a snapshot, USAMRMC protects and sustains the health and fighting ability of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines through its programs in medical research, medical materiel development,
medical logistics and facility planning, medical information systems, and development of new technologies to improve military health care on the battlefield.  The Command executes the science
and technology program to investigate medical solutions for the battlefield with a focus on various areas of biomedical research, including military infectious diseases, combat casualty care, military operational medicine, medical chemical and biological defense, and clinical and rehabilitative medicine.

A key point is that the Command’s focus is on a battlefield environment, as opposed to care in fixed-station medical or rehabilitative centers.

Please contact me at lhoffman@ndia.org  if you have any questions regarding this event.