BIO Fly In

Sharon Peterson attended the 2012 BIO Legislative Fly-In in Washington DC, April 24-25, 2012.
The Fly In included a reception in the House Energy & Commerce Committee Room and a short talk from the BIO Legislator of the year awardee, Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI)
Sharon, along with Senator Baucus and Senator Tester presented Dr. Marsha McNutt, Director of the U.S. Geological Survey, with the “Outstanding National Chick in Science” award at the Montana Breakfast.

Sharon, along with members of the BIO board of directors and Ann Simons, GlaxoSmithKline met with Senator Baucus, Alpha Lillstrom Senior Policy Advisor and Counsel for Health Care, Education, and Judiciary for Senator Jon Tester and Kristin Smith, Deputy Chief of Staff, Congressman Denny Rehberg.
At the Plenary Luncheon, Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) was awarded the BIO Legislator of the Year Award.
Following for your information are the issue papers from the Fly-In


One of the important issues for the Fly-In was the Reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA V) Since that time both the Senate and the House have passed reauthorization bills. Following is the BIO release on the Senate passage of the bill.


H.R. 5651, the user fee package including the reauthorization of PDUFA and MDUFA, overwhelmingly passed the House late Wednesday. As noted above, the Senate has passed its bill, and the two bills now go through a reconciliation process. There are some differences, but many of the most harmful “Christmas tree ornaments”—extraneous amendments which we and our partners opposed—are not likely to be reintroduced. There is bipartisan support for getting a final bill to President Obama by July 4, partly because the two chambers’ bills are expected by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) to shave $360 million to $370 million from the federal budget deficit over the next ten years.
Montana Bio was part of a huge coalition of forces working for this legislation, and we were most active in urging support for a “clean” bill and in fighting a variety of proposed amendments. Thanks to all of you who participated in this effort.