$10 Million in Contract Funding Opportunities Available for Innovative Small Businesses in Cancer Research and Technology Development

Does your small business need early-stage financing to take its cancer research to the next level? The National Cancer Institute Small Business Innovation Research (NCI SBIR) Development Center has released $10 million for 13 new contract funding opportunities to support cancer research and technology development in key emerging areas of need. The NCI SBIR can help you finance and advance innovations in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and basic research. Applications are due by 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. The NCI solicits proposals for SBIR contracts only once annually, so don’t miss your chance!

The FY2013 NIH/CDC SBIR contract solicitation provides funding opportunities to small businesses to support the research, development, and ultimately commercialization in the following areas of priority to the NCI:

Therapeutics and Diagnostics

  • 313 RNAi Cancer Therapeutics using Nanotechnology
  • 315 Development of Companion Diagnostics: Enabling Precision Medicine in Cancer Therapy
  • 316 Development of CTC Isolation Technologies Enabling Downstream Single Cell Molecular Analysis

Advancing Cancer Research

  • 314 Development of Human Tissue Culture Systems that Mimic the Tumor Microenvironment
  • 319 Technology to Generate Anti-Peptide Capture Reagents for Affinity-Enriched Proteomic Studies
  • 320 High Quality Cancer-Related Standards for Metabolomics Research
  • 321 Chemically Defined Glycan Libraries for Reference Standards and Glycomics Research (Joint NCI-NIGMS Program)

Health IT

  • 322 Real-Time Integration of Sensor and Self-Report Data for Clinical and Research Applications

Imaging and Radiation Therapy

  • 323 Development of Radiation Modulators for Use During Radiotherapy
  • 324 Novel Imaging Agents to Expand the Clinical Toolkit for Cancer Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment
  • 325 Innovative Radiation Sources for Advanced Radiotherapy Equipment

The new funding opportunities include two NIH Technology Transfer (TT) inventions. The goal of each SBIR-TT topic is to identify a small business to work under research and commercialization licenses and perform the necessary R&D to advance the technology towards commercialization with SBIR funding.

The FY2013 technology transfer contract topics are:

  • 317 Wound Healing Preparations Incorporating Nitric Oxide-Releasing Materials
  • 318 Test to Predict Effectiveness of Docetaxel Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Learn more about the NCI SBIR Development Center Programs and these contract funding opportunities.

If you have questions about any of the topics or general questions on contract administration, please contact:

Ms. Anita Hughes
Phone: (301) 435-3805